Great Screaming Meemies, I’ve got classes tomorrow!

Originally Posted 01-08-2012

The trip to the Joint Mathematics Meetings was wonderful. I saw lots of old friends, and I met a bunch of new people. I heard some good ideas for working on problems common to most math departments which I will share with my colleagues, and I went to a good workshop on Discrete and Computational Geometry for newbies.

But, holy cow!, classes are tomorrow. I had two of my three classes ready to go before I left–dynamics and mathematics in decision making. Linear algebra is another story. I have been cramming stuff in all day to get ready, when I haven’t been playing with my kids. (This is why you can’t work at home.)

So, I think I have a decent start on my first day activities, but my other materials have a ways to go. I don’t think it will all be polished off in time for class, either. If you want to keep track of how the class progresses, you can see what happens in my Course Notes.

What is left to get arranged?

  • Get my WeBWork implementation up and running, with an “introductory’’ assignment.
  • Make an official syllabus
  • Make (steal and alter?) an introduction to Sage document with the most basic ideas
  • Revise my personal web page with the proper links to the stuff above.

I am pretty sure that the last three can be achieved very quickly. It is the first one that has me worried. My former friend and office mate friend and former office mate, Jason Aubrey, has set me up with an instance of WeBWork. I just need to get it running. That might not happen until tomorrow evening, but somehow I don’t think the students will mind…