Grunt work, partially completed

Originally Posted 01-10-2012

Another day down, and some things got the all-important strikethrough treatment.

  1. I submitted the “closing paperwork” for my IBL small grant.
  2. I submitted my receipts from the trip to the Joint Mathematics Meetings for reimbursement. The state of Iowa is currently enjoying a small no interest loan from yours truly. At least, that is how it feels.
  3. I got a haircut. Finally. My apologies to the city of Boston for dragging my terrible mop back and forth across downtown.
  4. I cleaned my office a little. Ugh. This does not count as “done.”
  5. I reviewed and finalized my plans for the Wednesday meetings of my dynamics and liberal arts courses. Things are going according to plan so far.
  6. I set up my linear algebra course with WeBWorK. This involved getting all of the students imported, figuring out how to import and assign the “Orientation” assignment, and sending a note to my class on how to access it. The process was time consuming, but, in retrospect, it was not difficult and it will go much faster next time. Anyway, this buys me a couple of days until I have to have a real WeBWorK homework set ready to go.
  7. I spent some time thinking about what we should actually DO in linear algebra tomorrow. I still have to finalize that plan.

But for now, it is time for some sleep.

ps. For those of you with an iPad, I have a plug. The app called Noteshelf is awesome. I used it in combination with a Wacom Bamboo stylus and it was a thing of beauty. I plan on taking notes on what goes on in class this way all semester. I have another stylus to try out, but Noteshelf is a keeper. I especially like the detailed zoom mode. Wow.