Sage EDU Days 4

Originally Posted 06-13-2012

Goals for Sage EDU Days 4:

I am at a Sage-focused educational conference (in conjunction with being a test site for
the NSF sponsored UTMOST project). This is primarily a working conference, people come
with things to do and try to pack in as much progress as possible. I have a few specific
goals for my time here.

  • Write materials for my linear algebra class in a way that leverages Sage’s capabilities.
    In particular, I will be working on the first unit of my class on the structure of
    Euclidean space as an inner product space. I hope to be producing these as Sage worksheets.

  • Transcribe some of my lecture notes from an old version of linear algebra (taught six
    years ago) into a Sage-enhanced product. I am still thinking about the form of this. Maybe
    an html book with Sage Cells implanted? Maybe a hyperlinked pdf with links leading to a
    Sage Cell server?

Anyway, back to work.