Originally Posted 01-15-2012

This is a simple test of Textastic, an iPad app for editing code. It should let me sync with my dropbox account, hence post to this blog.

Textastic has support for various types of code, and includes a preview feature that should handle the markdown used to write these posts. Let’s check.

this is a heading

this is an itemized list

  • item
  • item
  • item

a smaller heading

more text, with a link, and some emphasis.

Let us see how that looks. (hits preview button)

Well, that was not so bad. Typing on the iPad is not fantastic (I still don’t like the compressed touch-screen keyboard so much), but in a pinch I can use this. If I thought to invest in a bluetooth keyboard, I could see this being a serious tool.

UPDATE: I found that the interface for moving files back and forth was very easy to use. I think my only concern at this point is the capability to do cut-and paste to include the MathJax code on posts with LaTeX. Speaking of LaTeX, I wonder if that is an available language? It is! And the cut-and paste is not too bad. Here is a test of using math e^2 - 3 \neq \pi.