Examples for Differential Geometry

So, I must be some sort of ancient fuddy-duddy. It is true that I went to college before the internet was really a pervasive thing like it is today, but there is not excuse for not executing some simple searches of likely places.

I was goofing off and looking through my Google+ stream, and I came across this nice link in a post by Alexander Kruel:


Of course, on it there is a link to their list of surfaces:


Now I just have to sift through and pick some examples to show off to the students. I have a few to add of my own that don’t appear on those lists exactly. Hey, that gives me an idea!

Students could improve some wikipedia pages as a way of sharing their work. I have never done that. Has anyone tried that? Is it plausible as an assessment?


6 thoughts on “Examples for Differential Geometry

  1. A few years ago, it might have been a good idea to set students on the math portions of Wikipedia, but at this point I would advise against it, given the sometimes arcane rules and conventions that govern that community. Maybe a class blog instead to showcase students’ work?

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