My Classroom Blog

My Classroom Blog

This semester I am keeping another blog. (I know, terribly unfaithful of me.) The one you are reading right now is for “reflective practice writing.” The one I just linked to is for communicating with my students. It will have links to class documents, assignments, short recaps of what happens in meetings…

This semester I have three courses that will use some sort of IBL, and so both blogs should be quite busy.


4 thoughts on “My Classroom Blog

  1. Surprisingly, this is pretty easy to do, and doesn’t feel like a burden. Each class meeting takes about fifteen minutes to post about, and it lets me reflect on what happened.

    Later in the term I can do a search on a student name to get an idea about how active they were in class.

    Initial set up takes a bit more time, of course.

  2. Yup. It is similar. Though, I tend to be more wordy and post pretty comprehensive summaries of our work. Well, we shall see how different it is in practice for my two courses that are not Euclidean Geometry.

    And my students would have to do a search on a particular tag to get your “one page diary” look.
    In fact, i just put hot links on that blog to make such a thing easier.

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