Standards Based Assessment for my Euclidean Geometry Course

So, I am trying again to implement a standards based assessment communication scheme in my Euclidean Geometry course. I failed pretty miserably at this last term because I designed something with too much paperwork.

This term, I have streamlined things considerably. The list of standards is shorter, the standards themselves are broader, and the number of official reporting points is smaller.

Now that we are a bit into the course and our classroom culture is basically set where I want it, it is time for me to give these details to my students. So I wrote something to let them in on my thinking. Since most of my audience consists of pre-service teachers, I feel it is my responsibility to engage them just a little about my practice. This means that I say a bunch more in this document than I would if I were doing this in a Calculus I class. I just “lift the curtain” a little.

This is a long way from perfect, I am sure. I believe that it will be workable. This owes a lot to many other people, whom I listed on this Google+ post.