Who’s terrible at their job today? Oh, it’s me?

The spring semester has started. I have two sections of Math in Decision Making, which are going just fine. But I also have a section of linear algebra.

The big problem. I am terrible. 

It is only four class meetings in, since I had to miss a day for the Joint Meetings. But already my class of 28 had an attendance of 18. My hack at a new structure is not going well. The attendance problem I am taking as a sign that students don’t see class time as valuable. Frankly, given how meetings 1-3 went, they are right.

To top it off, I had someone ask “what’s the purpose of this?” in the middle of class. Another sign I am not getting things done properly.

It is not too late to salvage things, but it is gonna take some work to re-earn the trust of the class.

Back to work.

3 thoughts on “Who’s terrible at their job today? Oh, it’s me?

  1. Everything. I am using a new book. I am trying to get the students to use the SageMathCloud. I am trying a new structure.
    I think it might be time to tear everything up and start over from scratch. I am only four meetings in, so that should be possible.

  2. Find out from the students which new parts are working. I have been using socrative as a quizzing (clickers) option. You probably can’t change the book, unless you want to switch to an open source version, but it is okay to hit the reset button.

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