An IBL Special Interest Group of the MAA

Over the last five to ten years, the number of people interested in using Inquiry Based Learning techniques in college mathematics classrooms has grown rapidly. Naturally, a lot of those people are members of the Mathematical Association of America.

The MAA has a structure, called a SIGMAA, for helping subsets of members interested in some topic to organize a little bit. Running a SIGMAA makes it easier to hold events at the big meetings (MathFest and the Joint Mathematics Meetings). Also, the MAA helps with some logistical support for community needs. There are lots of different organizations and projects that support the IBL community, and we see the SIGMAA as a projection of the IBL community upon the MAA. (Linear algebra metaphors are the best, right?)

So, a few of us are starting an IBL SIGMAA. The charter is almost done and we are close to empaneling a first slate of officers, so what we really need now is a list of charter members. This list of members has to be submitted with the application for a SIGMAA as a proof that people are interested. I don’t doubt that we have plenty of interest, but the list still needs to be made.

Interested? Remember that the “Member Plus” membership category includes three SIGMAA memberships. We would be honored if you would use one to join us.

Sign Up to Be a Charter Member of IBL SIGMAA

If you are interested in being “more involved,” know that we are required to appoint the first set of officers as part of the application, but later open elections will be held for all positions.