Back to Writing

I haven’t written much in the last year. This is not particularly a problem—this blog is mostly an outlet for thoughts in progress.

But the lack of posting here is a symptom of my distance from deep thinking about my work in the last year. I have plenty of excuses, even some good ones. But I did find it useful to write here at one point. I found it even more useful when people decided to read and comment. I am still amazed that some of you have done this. Thank you.

Anyway. I am going to try regular reflective writing again.

Here I go.

Today I wrote a letter of recommendation for a student. It was a simple thing, but it got me thinking about what I value in students and why. And maybe I am a bit worried about how I communicate those values to students, both through my daily interactions with them and through my assessment practices.

I always spend time on the plane to the Joint Meetings thinking Deep Thoughts, so this will probably occupy my mind on the way to or from Seattle next week.

Tomorrow, I plan to work on a writing project.