An Important Part of Success

So far, this term seems to be off to a good start. I realize that one thing I am doing much better this term than last is really important. If I write it down, maybe I will always remember.

The attitude I present in the classroom is crucial to having a good first few weeks. In particular, this means projecting an overwhelmingly patient, cheery, positive, and helpful face, with as much energy as I can muster at any given moment.

This is especially important for my largish Math in Decision Making courses (55 students each). But it is also helping set a better tone for my linear algebra class.

Last term things were not so easy for me personally. It bled into my work. I did not consistently get across a positive attitude about students, their learning, and my involvement. This term, things are going better. I just have to keep it up for 13 more weeks.


One thought on “An Important Part of Success

  1. There have been a couple of classes that I got frustrated with over the last three years. In each case, I got frustrated with a student or students for not coming to class prepared somewhat late in the semester—this has probably happened in maybe two classes out of my last ten. In both of those classes, the students turned on me right after that, and I wasn’t able to recover.

    Thanks for reminding me, too.

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