About Me

I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Northern Iowa, in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I got my undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University, and my PhD from the University of Michigan (under the direction of Ralf Spatzier). I was fortunate to work at Rice University for three years as a VIGRE Lovett Instructor and at Williams College for a year as a Visiting Assistant Professor before moving to Iowa.

My professional interests include:

  • Research:
    • Geometry, especially differential geometry
    • dynamical systems
    • Lie groups
    • Rigidity theory for lattice subgroups of semisimple Lie groups
    • combinatorics of m-ary partitions
  • Teaching
    • inquiry-based learning
    • standards based assessment and reporting
    • integration of software into the mathematics classroom
    • undergraduate research

i-8j6sRCm-XLI got hired at UNI to teach geometry courses to pre-service teachers and to promote undergraduate research.

This blog will be mostly about teaching mathematics. For writing about mathematics, see my other blog: Upper Half-Wit.

Oh, and this picture (without the silly glasses) is courtesy of the Academy of Inquiry Based Learning/Educational Advancement Foundation. I am grateful to them for the photo, but also for support during the last five years as I learned to teach in a new way.

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