Euclidean Geometry: New Course Web Page and Syllabus and…

I just finished prep work on my Euclidean Geometry course. This involved rewriting or rebuilding lots of fiddly little things, so even though it was the “easy” one with minimal changes, it still took a whole day to do. (8-10 hours?) You can find the course web page here:

Course Web Page for Euclidean Geometry

That hasĀ everything. All of the assignments are written. Even the exams are written, but I am not going to post those publicly. If you want to skip to the core of things, you can just look at the new syllabus and maybe the first assignment page.

Euclidean Geometry Syllabus for Fall 2017

I am feeling super cool, now, so I chose to decorate this post with a different version of Count Vertigo.



My Classroom Blog

My Classroom Blog

This semester I am keeping another blog. (I know, terribly unfaithful of me.) The one you are reading right now is for “reflective practice writing.” The one I just linked to is for communicating with my students. It will have links to class documents, assignments, short recaps of what happens in meetings…

This semester I have three courses that will use some sort of IBL, and so both blogs should be quite busy.