Travel Day, JMM 2012

Originally Posted 01-02-2012

What got done today? A paltry list.

1) I submitted the final report on my AIBL small grant. (Yeah, that should have been done two or three weeks ago.)

2) I packed.

3) I sat on airplanes.

Let me remark that modern flight is both more wonderful and infinitely worse that imaginable. You get on a giant computer with wings and it takes you to another place relatively quickly. But the user experience is more like a sardine asked to pay an extra $25 for the water in the can.

Joint Meetings Excitement: Workshop Days

I have always wanted to go to a JMM workshop and learn some new math. It just seemed romantic. This year, I am doing it. Tomorrow and Tuesday I will attend the “Discrete and Computational Geometry” workshop, and I am excited.

It is late. This is the New Year’s Day post, and it is really January 2. Well, it is January 2 in Boston. Back home it is still New Year’s Day. So this isn’t behind schedule. Cause that would be a terrible way to start the year.